Cosmo – King of the Catroom!

Cosmo – King of the Catroom!

My name is Cosmo, and I am the King of the Catroom!

I prefer to be a one person cat, and when my owner passed away, I was distraught and wouldn’t let the other folks in my home care for me. So, I came to Bright Eyes instead.

It’s been a transition, that is for sure. For one thing, I had to learn that people are not as bad as I thought they were. I was pretty stand-offish when I arrived and it took me a week or two to get adjusted to my new routine.

I still have my moments of sass, but I now enjoy getting attention from humans. This doesn’t translate over to other cats though, and I find it to be my job to keep my feline roommates in check sometimes. I would much rather have the room all to myself.

Since I am still a bit saucy from time to time, I would be much happier in a home without children. I may tolerate living with other cats, as long as they know that I am the boss and give me my space. Dogs are still questionable in my opinion…

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